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Sick and tired of leading lousy teams? Here’s what to do

As we enter a turbulent century, more organisations are looking for new ways to respond to: the growing demand for speed and accessibility of services, the emphasis on delivering an effortless, integrated customer experience radical innovation in technology, technological concepts and platforms, the trend towards a more globalised environment, social …

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Mapping team life cycles the right way

Working with teams, I am often surprised by the variety and depth of emotions that individual members express, from initial fear and anxiety, to delight once the project gets underway. Over time, I began to recognise patterns at different stages of a project’s life cycle. The infographic aptly illustrates the …

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Not considering cost of quality is dangerous

In projects, teams often have a difficult time quantifying tangible benefits. This is tragic, since tangible benefits are an important way that teams communicate their achievements to the larger organisation. Moreover, tangible benefits help secure buy-in, especially from the organisation’s senior executives. Amongst the most enduring tangible benefits that are …

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on project selection

Modern businesses recognise the importance of driving innovation and continuous improvement through team-based projects. This does not mean, however, that organisations have gotten smarter at selecting the correct type of projects. In this cheat sheet, I list four mistakes that are commonly made, but easy to avoid. Selecting problems that …

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