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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt • Business Process Reengineering • Graphic and Web Design • Strategic Communications

Design Portfolio

Open House for NUS, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Promoting ORCiD- a common ID for reserachers

Researcher Unbound campaign for NUS Libraries

Research seminar series for NUS, Communications and New Media

Books for a Cause- Book Donation drive from NUS Libaries

Large format environmental graphic designs

Video Projects

Promoting environmental awareness at NUS Libraries

Promoting the Enterprise Leadership for Transformation programme at SUSS

BPR Projects

Streamlining end-to-end process of ebook purchasing at NUS Libraries

Worked with the organisation’s Office of Human Resources to improve lead time of performance management processes. Performed comprehensive review of policy, process and system of the University’s performance management framework.

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Streamlining of customer service operations at NUS Contact Centre

Embedded into the National University of Singapore’s Contact Centre to perform deep study of end-to-end operations. Closely partnered Contact Centre Manager and Customer Service Representatives to review current processes.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project: Streamline the University's performance management framework for Professional and Non-Academic Employees

Worked with the institution’s Office of Human Resources to improve lead time of performance management processes. Performed comprehensive review of policy, process and system of the University’s performance management framework.

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Versatile manager and leader with more than 10 years of experience in communications, marketing, events management, information technology and business process improvement in the higher education industry.

Graphic Design
I believe good design has the potential to drive an organisation’s brand forward. As a graphic designer, I have never underestimated the impact that design has on marketing and advertising. Good design excites! When all the elements of a piece of design come together in harmony- the perfection is pure design feng shui.

Events Management
Managing events are not just about logistics, but drawing from a participant’s needs to create the most exhilarating experience possible. I like to mind-map every event touchpoint so that it becomes an opportunity to engage a different aspect of the participant- from creating the initial buzz to sustaining interest and loyalty long after the event has ended.

Digital Marketing
I leverage a thorough understanding of the marketing funnel and persona-driven as well as data-driven advertising for strategic campaigns. I have formulated campaigns that utilise important tools like Google Adwords and social media platforms.

Business Process Re-engineering
I’ve worked with different corporate and administrative units like human resources, customer contact centres and libraries to identify, analyse and improve business processes, all the while keeping the customer front and centre.


Last Minute Assignment Planner

Students and researchers sometimes have difficulty leveraging library resources to help in their academic work. This app is based on an existing script that was developed by the University of Minnesota, adapted to a local academic library. It invites the user to provide the start and end dates of an assignment, and then run the app to obtain a simple study plan, as well as the library services and resources that can help make work more efficient.


Brand Handbook for Academic Libraries

The modern economy is a marketplace of ideas. To secure a role in it, businesses increasingly look for new ways of engaging with their customers. In this compact handbook, I describe the strategies and tactics that I formulated for an academic library environment, and to a broader extent, an educational institution context.

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Handbook on Team Excellence in Higher Education

The handbook provides a brief history of the work improvement teams in the university, its purpose and a brief tutorial on how projects are submitted and evaluated. It also demonstrates the Team Acceleration Roadmap, a framework for team excellence that I designed for teams in the university.

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Handbook on Staff Suggestions Scheme

The handbook provides a brief history of the staff suggestions scheme in the university, its purpose and a brief tutorial on how suggestions are submitted and evaluated.

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Handbook on Quality Service in Higher Education

The handbook provides a brief history of the quality service award in the university, its purpose and a brief tutorial on how nominations are submitted and evaluated.

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"When leadership, talent and creativity come together, great innovations happen. Amir played an instrumental role in envisioning and implementing the Department’s internship program and industry engagement dialogues. He demonstrates excellent leadership and is superbly talented in carrying out impactful communication programs. In the short time he spent working with me, he built the department’s research dialogues to be some of the most visible and effective ones in NUS. In his work with my Center, I was constantly amazed at his ability to make new ground and push boundaries. Such creativity is rare in Singapore."


"I had the good fortune and pleasure to work with Amir Hamid while I was a visiting Fulbright Scholar to the Dept of Communications & New Media at the National University of Singapore in winter, 2018. As the departmental administrator for planning and publicity of academic activities and special events, Amir was an immense help to me in arranging for and publicizing lectures and a workshop that I led during my visit. He is immediately responsive, very well organized, and an excellent problem solver in regards to event planning. When it comes to publicity, he is artistic and creative both with language and visual images. Amir is extremely personable, flexible, capable, and well-liked by all. He will be a terrific asset to any organization in which he is involved."


"Amir was a very integral part in our process of transforming the HR function. He worked on a number of projects with my team and his value was the ability to map and translate the ideas into the technical details. He is very easy to work with, knowledgeable with IT and is able to help keep the project on track. Amir has a very nice style and this was a great asset as the project was essentially about a complete change about the way of working. His ability to bring people along with the change was something I personally appreciated as it greatly aided in ensuring the change was accepted and adopted. It was a huge undertaking for us, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him."


"Amir has been instrumental in our journey in quality improvement. With a keen insight into addressing the business needs for service improvement, he has helped to guide on the service enhancement, in review, analytical, solutioning and developing the final outcome."


What does Optimus know about Design Experience?

Much like how every part of Optimus Prime’s robot body is engineered for the sole purpose of destroying his mortal enemies, the Decepticons; service has to start focusing on engineering meaningful experiences for the customer.

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Analytics can save the lives of people who ignore speed limits

Data are raw facts that describe the activities that we do, and the state of the world that we live in. The volume of data that accompanies us every single moment is truly massive. Thankfully, most data remains hidden; collected stealthily by the devices we use and through the transactions we make.

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