Automate Tracking of Digital Packages at NUS Libraries

AUGUST 2016- Applied Agile approach to help the E-Resources Management (ERM) team rapidly develop and implement an automated solution for tracking publishers’ delivery of titles to either e-book or electronic journal packages. Automated solution introduced streamlined and standardised workflow, clear job assignments, and provided full transparency on the performance of publishers and subscription packages. Project achieved more than 70% reduction in processing time.

Streamlining ebook Purchases at NUS Libraries

JUNE 2015- Worked closely with NUS Libraries’ Asset Management unit to improve the end-to-end processing of ebook purchases. Purchases are triggered by requests made either by faculty members who want to supplement their teaching and research initiatives; or Library Professionals who are responsible for building the library’s collections. The end-to-end process required engagement with separate work units that are in charge of ordering, receiving, invoicing, cataloguing and checking-in. Facilitated discussion on identifying process wastes and inefficiencies. Created a perspective of business-driven automation, and developed experimental prototypes that leverage on open-source programming and Microsoft Sharepoint to drive effortless processing of transactions. Introduced quick win solutions by reducing unproductive hand-offs and devising innovative methods to accelerate the fulfilment of user requests.

Developing an Enhanced Tracking System for Medical Leave

APRIL 2014- Some leave types in my home department, like medical and childcare leave, still utilise manual processes to track. Worked as part of an internal transformation team to streamline the workflow of medical leave application and medical certificate submission. Subsequently developed a simple knowledge management framework that empowered colleagues to submit medical leave applications online, and supervisors to seamlessly approve them.

Streamline Customer Service Operations at NUS Contact Centre

DECEMBER 2014- Embedded into the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Contact Centre to perform deep study of end-to-end operations. Closely partnered Contact Centre Manager and Customer Service Representatives to review current processes. Applied a hybrid of onsite coaching as well as mentor-ship to support the team in eliminating waste, standardising customer management processes, and aligning CRM system flow with university governance. Reoriented NUS Contact Centre operations towards customer experience, building a dynamic and multi-layered dashboard on Microsoft Business Intelligence to monitor and understand various customer-oriented performance indicators. Pursued active advisory role in kick-starting the Centre’s knowledge management framework. Achieved a strong process culture in NUS Contact Centre, and laid down a firm foundation for continuous improvement in the university’s customer relationship function.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project: Streamline the University’s performance management framework for Professional and Non-Academic Employees

DECEMBER 2013- Worked with the institution’s Office of Human Resources to improve lead time of performance management processes. Performed comprehensive review of policy, process and system of the University’s performance management framework. Enlisted voice-of-customer perspectives from multiple roles of Job Holders, Reviewing Officers and Countersigning Officers to identify employees’ pain-points, as well as opportunities for improvement. Re-engineered processes of Performance Planning and Performance Appraisal phases by standardising workflows, practices and measurements. The collaborative project eliminated batch processing, late employee submissions and subsequent rework for the Performance Planning phase. Process capability increased from 0.92 to 4.46. The project also achieved more than 90% reduction in overall lead time of the Performance Planning phase, and introduced streamlined, straight-through processing that benefited University employees and Human Resource Business Partners.